The first step is to meet and discuss your needs and desires for your new home. Whether you already have your plans, or just an idea of your dream home we can assist in the architectural design in any capacity. You can work along with our preferred architects or select the architect of your choice. The next step is to inspect your home site and the community/city regulations to ensure the design will meet every requirement.


  • Boundary Survey

  • Discuss specifications such as building materials and design to initiate a pre-engineering cost estimate.

  • Once final plan revisions are completed the plan will be sent off to engineering. Thus, a final estimate can be compiled after all specifics have been finalized.

  • Contract signing agreement will be executed. Whether it be a fixed price or cost plus contract.

  • Then a detailed set of features will be provided based off customer selected options along with engineer specifications.


Lastly, a pre-construction meeting will be the final step prior to construction commencement. This will set the course for the construction process. Brendan Homes welcomes daily participation during the construction phase of your home. Whether daily, weekly or bi-weekly meetings, Brendan Homes is committed to giving you every opportunity for input on every home detail.